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By | November 17, 2018

English Talk App Download- If you want to improve your English Talking Style then you are on the right place. You need to download learn to speak English app. Many people use learn English speaking app download in their mobile phones. These apps help you to speak batter English. Today i’ll show you the best app for learning English speaking

First of all you need a mobile phone to download English talk app apk. After that you will learn English by level wise. Its not be difficult to learn English . English speaking app offline is also available to help you.

Apps to improve English speaking skills like English Talk App Download

There are so many English Speaking and Talking improve apps that you can download easily. Here are some users reviews about this English Talk App Download For Android: And You can also try this one: Business Card Maker App Download Android

The display doesn’t turn off during call. And ads are placed on the top. So their ads can be tapped even mistakenly they don’t care. And why do you emphasize on talking with female in app? What is your point here? Isn’t it sexism? Where is equality. I always see the popup saying if you want to talk to female then share this all twice. I’m straight but why female?

Actually i really liked the idea of this app. But It would have been much better only if the developer of this app makes free to speak with the opposite gender pls. everyone wants that and if that’s possible I’m sure that this app will be very top on the list and quite interesting cause it is very unique way to know the people like us living in the other parts of the country. Anf also pls. fix the network connections, Its very pathetic. Besides all of this everything is good.

Best about app English speaking and listening

No words can describe my review for this is app…. Splendid application and if we really want to learn English then we needs practice… That is good source for our practice… Talk with people and identify your mistakes… Keep learning how to talk with someone in English… And its increase your confidence… And dont be afraid of making mistakes while learning and speaking English… This application can help you to learn a speaking English at your convenient time… Keep practicing.. Practice makes perfect

previously i got warning from English talk app.. but it was ridiculous.. because i did not made any mistake.. and also i didn’t abused or harassed anyone.. but they given compliant by clicking problem with wrong caller tab.. and u gave me warning for that, without listening what happen. singularly i like this app

Its ok app not that good. I payed Rs.95 just to talk to opposite gender but after 3 to 4 calls i am just trying to connect a girl and its just going on and that’s irritating. Because if you are charging someone for a facility then provide him that just don’t pretend to provide it.

Signature Maker Apk Download For Android Phone

hello sir i got an notification that 3 callers reported me as i am using abusing laungauge how could u believe them without asking me. now i am saying i didn’t used any vulgar language i ask u to make conference call with thise people let me ask dem did i said anything and u listem from the other end. this is not fair sir u didn’t listened my half and u make a decision how’s dos possible sir.

How to Download English Talk App for Android and IPhone

Before i give 5 star for this app, now I’m not giving i don’t know after update when my display turn off automatically call is disconnecting before this issue was not there it is not minimizing just turnig off the screen bcoz of power saving, but call disconnecting!? Pls try to rectify the issue thanks.

English Talk App Download

English Talk App Download

I personally believe that there is no such app like that it is. The best part of this app is sometimes you will be connect with good energy i.e nothing but good personality. And I have connected those kind of good energies many times.so first of all thanku so much for that. And one more thing is that if you want to improve yr speaking skills then it’s only for you. I have good memories regarding this app. So thanku so much once again to give this app : English Talk Team.


English talk incognito speaking for ios

From last couple of days in my app.. the option activity log isn’t working.. everytime is shows something went wrong. However i cleard the cache and data and rejoin the app with same identity but the problem still persist.. i can’t request anybody there nor i can block someone. Please help

The debate topic must be interesting. It will be more fun and the topic should not be repetitive. This is the olny problem for this app otherwise is a great app to have in a mobile. One more thing that there must be a category for 3rd level speaker for more professional conversation. Hope you guys improve that and thanks for bringing this app.

Final Words:

This app is s good for connecting a new persons some times we get a gr8 person other side with whom we are talking improve our conversation but some time its quite complected  person on other side say speak in hindi. So the English Talk App Download is best in all English Learning Apps.

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