Google Go App for Android Download

By | September 15, 2019

Google Go App for Android Download- If you want to browse lightly and fast on your mobile phone then the wait is over. I present you the best and light android browser. That provide you the best internet speed and it is produced by google. Everything is very perfect in this android fast browser app.

I know most people use google chrome for internet surf. but one thing you must know about that is it occupy much space in your mobile phone.

But this thing is not in that way. it has only 6 Mb size. Due to this reason the low storage android phones can easily use it for long time.

Features of this Google Go App for Android Download

i explain some features of this app. take a look at these features and must compare with other browsers. At the end you can easily found the gap between features of google go browser and others. here are some

  • It contain only 6 MB storage in your mobile phone. Google browser is really amazing and specially design lightly.

  • there are every thing in it category wise sorted. Fake text sms send app
  • the URL bar you can found below. on the other hand all others browsers have on the top. but here is an extra features and a new change.
  • there are some settings that you must have to know. you will find incognito support in this browser.
  • More features like voice search, image search are also included.

How to Download Google Go App?

The app is in google playstore. below is the link. After that you will be redirected to google play when you can click on install button. Hope you like this Best android browser.

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If you have questions about this app then please comment below. i have to answer all your questions. thanks to all.

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