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By | January 7, 2020

Google lens apk download for android-If you are here to find the best Google lens camera application that is very cool then you are exactly on the right place. Today I will tell you about Google lens application that has multiple artificial intelligence feature.  the intelligence Technology While making this application.

So this is AI based camera that you must have to install.  when you have to open this camera after installation then it will show white spots on the mobile screen. This white spots can detect intelligently whatever on the front off the camera. 

Features of Google lens apk download for android

  •  Google lens is an official Google application. Now Take a look at some cool features of this application.
  •   it is AI based camera that uses of modern technology of artificial intelligence.
  •  It can automatically detect the products and their prices
  •  you can easily search whatever you want 

  • You can easily scan and translate any text with the help of this camera.  in this way specially the students can take advantage with this camera 
  • You can easily identify any of the product that you don’t know the information about it.  the animals and plants category, There diversity, Information can easily find by just scanning with Google lens 
  • You can easily explore the places there you just open the camera and take a picture of any building any place that you want to know about that.  it can scan can easily provide information that what place is this.

  • So this is an camera you can easily  make measurements. just like that you make a new room and you want to know that where the table or chair is set to be look perfect. just open the camera and place a chair or a table  with the help of technology 
  • You can easily scan the QR codes and barcodes with the help of Google lens.

How to Download?

You can easily download it.  it and after installation you are free to use this camera in all smartphones 

google lens


 Google lens APK is best artificial intelligence camera.   it is safe to use and highly recommended 

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