GTA Vice City Apk +OBB+ Download For Android

By | November 30, 2018

GTA Vice City Apk- If you are looking to Download GTA Vice City for Android then you are on the right place. You need to install apk and zarchiver Apk download. Extract all the files in the selected folder and install file. If you want to enjoy this game in your android phone. Then you must follow some steps.

Gta vice city apk 2

I never thought I would ever get to play this game again and that too on my phone. I’m thankful to the developers who have put on so much effort to make the android version better than the pc version.

How to install GTA Vice City Apk and obb?

The controls and updated graphics make this game so much more better than the original. If you think the drivings bad try a new car but in all honesty I always have sucked at divining gta. Maybe get a controller? This has the best sound track of the series and is a must have for scar face fans.

GTA Vice City Apk for Android 1

This is the best port I’ve ever played. True to the original I used to spend hours playing back on my original Xbox. The controls are actually pretty decent for a touch screen. Automatic call recorder apk download

Install method video

I love that the game automatically saves when you close the app, as I’m not alway near a save point when playing. My only gripe is the draw distance is pretty low. I’m sure at the time the hardware couldn’t handle it, but phones these days are pretty powerful!

GTA Vice City Apk for Android

Worked well, couple times where it would lag down, (lots of cars, or people in a area) but otherwise, I played the whole story line without it crashing. Not once. When playing the game, clear all open apps, and the game will run even better. I ran the game on medium graphics, and 100% draw distance, and it worked great! It’s the game I remembered when I was younger, only upgraded. Wifi password app apk

Of course doesn’t have as many features as San Andreas, or even more obvious, the HD universe. So what,it’s a classic! Found the default controls better than San Andreas mainly because of button size. Can’t swim,I don’t care. It isn’t stopping me from playing this.


You must have to download apk file. After that you download obb file in your android phone.

                                                                  Download GTA VICE CITY APK

gta vice city apk

                                                                      DOWNLOAD OBB FILE

gta vice city apk

                                                                       ZArchiver Apk Download

gta vice city apk

Users Opinions about this Game

The soundtrack takes me back to a time before me,and the game does too. Graphics are obviously not as good for mobile,but you did remaster it,and why do we need better Graphics? Better for the memories! Loved it. One of my favorites.

This is my first written review of any game but I think this deserves it. Game runs extremely smooth with absolutely no lag whatsoever. Graphics are really good with lots of color.

Gta vice city mod apk

This is the original game. I downloaded San andreas as well before this. San Andreas is obviously a better and bigger map but the app itself crashes alot and has minor lag. I don’t think the graphics were enhanced as much in San andreas.

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