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Make Ringtone of My Name on Android

Make Ringtone of My Name on Android

Make Ringtone of My Name on Android is amazing for you. You can easily make your ringtone with music on your mobile phone by following simple steps. And you can use these ringtone audio clips. You can also set default are one by one in your contacts.

Not too many ads and it works good. It does also give you the option to save them as Ringtone or alarm sounds etc as well as making Ringtones contact specific all right in the app.

Features of Make Ringtone of My Name

Super easy to use and convert any music or sound on your mobile into a ringtone, alarm tone, notification tone or music file. Does exactly what you want, without any fuss. XEFX Photo Animator Apk Download

Since the other ringtone maker lost it’s mind, this is way better than my old favourite. Bless you fine folks for making s something I can I use. Brightest blessings.

Nice, simple ad to edit ringtones! The only pick would be the interface, it looks to uncomfortable, but not enough to dock it a star! Letters Wallpaper 2018 Apk free Download

It’s good for phones that don’t cut or edit ringtone or simply if you have a phone and don’t know how to find the feature there is always a shortcut . This app was fast and easy it goes straight to all your songs and u pick and edit and done then it let’s u know if u wana set it as default or assign

It seemed to work great, but then I discovered that it sped the ringtone up into double time making it sound awful every time I tried to use it.


Easy to use…I’ve made numerous ringtones but gives you more control over exactly which part of the song you use than other similar apps. Highly recommend. I have gotten numerous compliments over my ringtones.

this is the best cutter i hv used , but now its showing a problem , sometimes it doesnot find specific .mp3 song for cut , nd does it support .aac format , i can play .aac in app but when try to edit it show file read error , please fix this or add a choose file from storage option , otherwise its b

The sound quality is pretty good, and if you start a tab on YouTube with a song, hit record on this app and hit play on the song in the other tab you can record any song you want

I can make my own ringtones from the best parts of my favorite songs! Absolutely Awesome!!!

I’ve had this app for ages and I love it. Very easy to use and it is very good at finding files on your device that you can use.

Make Ringtone of My Name

This will seem to be a Long review. I will point out one of the greatest pleasures, that all living entities; are most likely to agree with my Ringtone Maker (APP) REVIEW. When I point out that music can reach All emotions, intelligent, physical, spiritual. Make Ringtone of My Name app for android phone is best.


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