Shadow – Kid’s Key Logger App Apk Download

By | July 31, 2019

Shadow – Kid’s Key Logger App Apk Download-If you want to monitor your child mobile phone then you are exactly on the right place.  you can easily monitor everything in his mobile phone, like ok WhatsApp chat, messenger chat,  Wi-Fi password, browse history, download history, and most important everything in his mobile phone that he type can be seen by you. 

 we can use the shadow keylogger for this purpose.  the app is really cool and stunning and provide you privacy and safe monitoring for your kids.

 most important thing about this app is that,  it is totally free, e the app charge nothing and provide you best service free of cost. 

Features of Shadow – Kid’s Key Logger App Apk Download

  • There are so many features of this app that I explain below take a look.
  •  first of all it provide you monitoring service of any mobile phone.
  •    IT act as a keylogger for Android phone.
  •  it is totally free.  FaceApp free Download
  •  aaj you have to install it it in your victim phone are your child phone and you can easily by any mobile phone.
  •  it is protected by password so that no one can open it without your permission.

  •  everything type in victim mobile phone can easily save in this app.
  •  you can see easily the Wi-Fi passwords,  Facebook password, WhatsApp chat, browse history,  and much more.

How to use This Key logger App?

  1. This is the most important thing that how to use this Shadow keylogger application. 
  2.  first of all authenticate this app and give permission to it.
  3.  second  set this keyboard as the default keyboard in setting of any mobile phone.

  1.  now whenever someone type in device this will be saved in the form of HTML file in this app.
  2.  you can protect the app by password and enjoy.

How to Download This App?

Shadow - Kid's Key Logger App Apk Download

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