Signature Maker Apk Download For Android Phone

By | November 7, 2018

Signature Maker For Your Mobile Phone

Signature Maker is an app that can make beautiful and professional signature. If you are looking to make your name signature then you are on right place. You just need to install best signature style for your name. There are so many templates of name signature. You just have to select one.

If you are looking handwritten signature ideas on mobile phone then i’ll recommend you this Android app. Its basically a handwritten signature designer. That provide you all the best designs of signature for many purposes.

Signature Maker for best signature in the world

You can tried to make an extra ordinary signature of your name. Some people are looking for lucky signature samples. They can also get ideas form this app. Hope you like this best signature app for android. 

* Create signature: Do signature

Giphy Download Apk for Android

* Different textual styles: 90 + assortment of text styles

* Pen thickness: Adjust thickness of pen (x-little to x-extensive)

* Pen shading: Set pen shading (1000 + hues) with Light/Dark and Alpha customizable

* Background shading: Set foundation shading (1000 + hues) with Light/Dark and Alpha customizable

What You can do with Signature Maker?

* Background Image: Set foundation picture from Gallery, Google drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Download

* Drag, Scale, Rotate: User can Drag, Scale, Rotate the mark to set the style.

* Save: Store your mark away

* Style: You can make your mark Bold, Italic and Underline.

* View: View already drawn mark

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* Collection: View already drawn mark

* Share: Share signature on social stage

* Reset: Reset the current style of mark

* Instant view: View current mark

Signature Maker

* Delete: Delete beforehand drawn mark

* 2 modes: Auto and Manual

* Auto mode contains 100+ styles of mark by entering your mark

* Manual mode contains drawing view for signature, here client needs to compose his/her mark on the mark see. Hope you like this Signature maker. Thanks

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