Silent Screenshot Apk Free Download

By | July 1, 2018

Silent Screenshot Apk Free Download

Silent Screenshot Apk free download Is the best app that can you take a screenshot of your android screen by just with your phone sensor. You don’t need to press the button of your phone. This app can take screenshot easily without any voice

the silent screenshot Android app as  multiple features that can amazingly and are  mind blowing. the main feature of this app is that you just need to give a  gestures to your mobile phone Sensor and it will take screenshot immediately.This can make you safe to press the multiple buttons of your Android phone that are set for screenshot.

Shooting Methods of Silent Screenshot App

This app can show an overlay on the screen of your Android phone that is a very good feature

Due to this app for sensor of your Android phone not working very well and used for taking screenshot

you can also found and assist option and the option of shortcut menu in this app

Important thing is there if you don’t give the permission this app will not work correctly.

This app has multiple features and easy to use and cover very small mb in your phone.

 silent screenshot Android app has wonderful rating in the Google Play Store.

Android 8 virgin the overlay icon of camera for taking screenshot repair on the top of the screen why the other phone has missing this feature and you can easily hide the camera icon.


Buy downloading this  top Android app of the Year 2018 for taking screenshot you agree the terms and conditions of this app. I can check all the screenshot taking apps and download it but this app that i’ll provide you is the best for all the phones and help you a alot. Hope you like this Mindblowing App of 2018.


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