Top 5 Apps under 1 MB (No Root)

By | June 14, 2019

Top 5 Apps under 1 MB (No Root)-I am here to tell you the best Android apps under 1mb that are very useful.  if if you install these apps then hopefully you will enjoy. in this article I will specifies the features of these 5 Android apps.  and also tell you how you can get benefit from these apps.

the reason I am selected these apps is size and features.  all these apps has the size of only one MB. and some apps or below 1 MB,  so sit back and relax enjoy the cool features.

Features of Top 5 Apps under 1 MB (No Root)

  • These are only 1mb apps
  • it cannot hang your Android devices
  • it cover very small space in your Android device. Draw your name on sand app
  • the features of these apps are awesome
  • you can easily your work with the help of these apps


It contain free balls connected with your phone gravity sensor. you can easily Timepass with  this app. as you rotate your device the balls automatically rotate and it feel like the gravity e of these ball is real.

apk Download

Easy Launcher:

Easy launcher can easy your Android phone.  this is a best launcher that provide you the basic look of the old mobile phones.  if you want to download send the link is given below.

apk Download

Customizable Gallery 3D:

Now you can easily customise the photos videos and other things in your gallery with the help of this 3D lock gallery.  this is really amazing and provide you the best features of fresh 3D lock gallery.

apk Download

Play 100 in 1 Game – Free Games 2019 🔥

Now you can play hundred games with the help of just 1 MB size application.  this is really a big opportunity and best game Android app.

apk Download

Category Files (Only 0.6MB)- File Manager:

If you want to you set your your file manager to show you all the things like applications videos music zip files big files,  in a category wise Manner then you are exactly on the right place. you have to to take on the download button below and you will be redirected to Google Play Store,  where you can install this application is easily. Thanks

apk Download

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