Camera With Screen Turned Off Apk

By | December 10, 2018

Camera With Screen Turned Off Apk is best spy camera for android. If you want to record any video secretly and shoot any image secretly then you are on the right place. You need secret video recorder apk The screen remains completely black while taking photos or videos, as if the phone was off.

camera with screen turned off apk

You can also watch frame by frame of your shooted video and extracting a specific image.

How to shoot PhotosCamera With Screen Turned Off Apk?

Just press volume down button to shoot photos with this hidden camera apk. Torrdroid apk download

camera with screen turned off apk

How to shoot videos?

Press volume up button to start and stop shooting videos.

How to access settings and gallery?

Touch your screen two seconds, then options button appear:
– access your private gallery
– change for front / back camera. GTA Vice City Apk download
– enable / disable the preview of the camera
– enable / disable vibrations on shoot photos and videos

camera with screen turned off apk

This is best background video recorder.

Cameraless – Camera Blocker

The app was fine just before the last update. But after the last update a major issue happen and it’s when I start or end recording a the app make very strong starting and ending sound noise at the start and the end of the recording.

camera with screen turned off apk

Notice that I use android operating system for this Camera With Screen Turned Off Apk  Please reply to me here or to my email as I send you email about my concern and issue. If this issue doesn’t resolved I will switch to another background video recorder apps

I already had tried enable and disable the shutter sound but the starting and ending sound noise still exist. I tried also to enable and disable the “use camera2 API” option but the same problem still exist. Can you please find way to update the app in a way that stop this starting and ending sound because with this sound the app will be useless and function the same as the normal phone camera.


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