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By | March 9, 2020

Iqama is the permission letter to live in the country of Saudi Arabia. If you are a worker then you must know all the information about the iqama. Some peoples wish to go to Saudi Arabia. If you are also one of these then you must know all the things and rules about the iqama.

Basically, before going to KSA you need a permission letter to the Government of Saudi. Before this permission letter, you can’t go to Saudi Arabia and can’t work in any field of job in Saudi Arabia.

Iqama gives you identity and many more things about you in Saudi. So this is the main and first step to take permission from the KSA government.

If you are living in Saudi Arabia and want to know about iqama expiry, or want to know the best and easy way to check the end date of your iqama. If you can’t check and care about that then you pay the heavy price of this, Because if your iqama expiry and you can’t renew it then the Government of Saudi Arabia May be canceled Your Visa or imposed a heavy fine on you which is not payable for you.

So you need to care about and about that and check iqama status and expiry on time and renew it on time. If you can’t do that then the Saudi Government Can’t allow you to live and work in Saudi Arabia. So you Must follow all the rules to check everything about that.

Check Iqama Status & Expiry With Absher?

Check iqama status complete like the iqama expiry date. The Latest method of all these things will be discussed here that is the Absher method. Nowadays the moi site going down and not opening, so the government of Saudi Arabia launched a new site that is

The application of Absher also available in the google play store. So You can use both these methods to check the complete and all information about the status and expiry.

If you want to use the Absher website or want to check details about this with a website then visit website and register your account in the Absher app. Register on this site by filling all mandatory information to register your account on this site.

After the registration on this site login with your secret account. When you log in it the dashboard of the site opens. Select the iqama status or expiry option in the dashboard to check it. When you open then the iqama number option comes to check everything. Put Your iqama number and fill the captcha. After successful filling, the captcha clicks to check details. The whole information will come to the front of Your iqama.

If you want to check details with the Absher app then install the application and do the same procedure like the Absher website. All the process like the registration and checking iqama details are the same.

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